Environmental Services

La Terra’s environmental services package covers the entire life-cycle of a project, from project initiation (conceptualisation) to closure (decommissioning). Our environmental services team has worked on a large number of projects and have extensive knowledge and experience. The team ensures that the Client is provided with a stream-lined, quality assured and cost-effective solution.


Our Environmental Services include: Applications (environmental authorisations) for listed activities under the:

National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998) (NEMA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations 2014

Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (Act No. 28 of 2002) (MPRDA)

National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act No. 59 of) 2008 (NEM:WA)

National Water Act, 1998 (Act No.36 of 1998)

National Environment Management: Air Quality Act, 2004 (Act No. 39 of) 2004 (NEM:AQA)

Specialist impact assessments and predictions associated with the above applications. The comprehensive list of these is provided under our next service offering (Specialist Environmental Services)

Environmental due diligence. La Terra conducts environmental due diligence studies for buyers and lenders. These studies are undertaken in order to understand and manage the risks and avoid or limit liability prior to concluding a property transaction

Environmental Control Officer Services which provides the Client with monitoring of all activities on a site and ensues that all responsible comply with the requirements stipulated in the environmental authorisation and the EMPrs, and public participation

Environmental compliance audits with respect of NEMA (and its sectorial legislation), NWA, MPRDA

Environmental risk assessments. Environmental Risk Assessments have two components: Human Health Risk Assessment and Ecological Risk Assessment. It is an iterative process and provides the technical basis for evaluating the current environmental conditions and forecasting future conditions under specific scenarios

Public Participation 

The primary purpose of the public participation process is to bring about a more sustainable and equitable social environment. La Terra’s proven track record of accomplishment in PPP boasts the efficacy in this integral process of the EIA. Our approach to public participation is to inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower the parties involved in a particular project. We will manage the entire public participation process throughout the project period. This also entails, although not limited to, indicating the stakeholder review periods and scheduled periods alongside the relevant information of the specific section where it is applicable. It is the only phase in the EIA process that does not qualify for an exemption application.

We assist clients with:

Identification of stakeholders and development of registers of I&APs

Compilation of Comments and Responses Reports (CRRs)

Announcing submissions

Public Meetings

Announcement of projects and opportunities to comment

Public review of reports

Announcing of approvals

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