Special Environment Services

La Terra provides a wide range of specialist environmental services. Our specialist environmental services are available as stand-alone studies, integrated plans or as part of turn-key projects. These include the following:

Strategic Services: Strategic Environmental Assessments, State of Environment Reports, Integrated Environmental Implementation Plans, environmental policies, environmental management frameworks and environmental procedures

Intergrated Waste Management Plans

Hydrological assessments and/or monitoring

Contaminated Land Management

Ecological (terrestrial, aquatic and wetland) studies

Noise assessments

Geospatial/Geographical Information Services (GIS)

Environmental Emergency preparedness

Climate Change assessments and the development of mitigation and adaptation strategies for Climate Change

Geohydrological assessments and/or monitoring

Air quality assessments and monitoring

Pedological (soil) studies

Visual Impact studies

Heritage Impact Assessments

Site rehabilitation

Closure and Decommissioning Planning

What is the purpose of this webinar?

Please register for the Information webinar for the Comprehensive Review of the Effectiveness of the Implementation of Waste Classification and Management Regulations and associated Norms and Standards by clicking on the button below

Webinar FAQ’S

Why are there 8 different sessions shown on the registration page?
Our aim is to create awareness of the project to as many of the Stakeholders as possible. All 8 sessions will have the same content. Participants should only register for one session that suits their schedule.

I am not available on any of the days/times. What should I do?
Please select the first session and register for that one even if you are unavailable. By registering you will be sent a recording of the webinar.

What happens if I am unable to attend the session I registered for?
A recording of the webinar will be sent to everybody who is registered, even if you are unable to attend the session.

Do I need an internet connectivity to participate in the webinar?
Yes, you will need a device (such as a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smart phone) with internet connectivity to join the webinar. Further details on system requirements are provided once you register.

After I register can I share my webinar ID with colleagues?
No. Your webinar ID that you receive in you confirmation email after registering is unique to you and cannot be shared with colleagues. If there is any body else in your organization that can contribute to this project contact us so that we can add them to our Stakeholder Database and can provide the relevant information to them.

Can I get help with registering?
Of course! We have a short video that demonstrates the steps to register for a webinar session. If you require further assistance, please contact us: Lindo Ndukuya, Tel: 0114633592, email: info@laterraearth.com”